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HydMech Bandsaws


Hydmech Band Saws


For over 30 years Hydmech band saws have been known around the world for their reliability and durability, and Hydmech is the leading manufacturer band saws in North America.


The most well known Hydmech band saw is the very popular and competitively priced S20 Series of band saws, the number one selling band saw in the United States; and Hydmech's band saw range is the widest range of all band sawing machines in the market. From Ocean Machinery's own Terminator Band Saw to the V-25APC vertical band saws -- the Hydmech band saw is the perfect complement to the fabricators shop and gives him the production the edge he needs.


With some of the industry's top engineers, they have pioneered new innovations and Hydmech band saws have revolutionized the sawing industry with incomparable reliability and durability. Second to none, Hydmech is The Rock Solid Solution.

We offer the following Hydmech Bandsaws:

HydMech bandsaws
Hydmech Swing Head bandsaw S20

Hydmech Dual Miter Bandsaws


Hydmech Horizontal Pivot Bandsaws


Hydmech Horizontal Bandsaws


Hydmech Vertical Bandsaws


Hydmech Vertical Contour Bandsaws




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